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The Mask On Project: Answering the Call for KN95 & Disposable Masks

When Passion Meets Purpose

Never did I think we would be living in a time where outside is CANCELLED! Like, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the reality of what’s truly taking place as a result of the deadly CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19).

Beyond my own personal disbelief, is the reality of living in a time where our health care systems are becoming overwhelmed, under staffed, and under protected. I listened to the media for weeks as they discussed the need for PPE in the hospitals. I thought to myself many times, my private manufacture has these masks, why are they saying the masks aren’t available. The more I heard them, the more intrigued I became… Eventually, I decided that I would order KN95 masks to donate to my local hospitals and forgotten “Essential Employees” such as police, firemen, medical clinics, etc.

For two weeks I donated masks to help out where I could. The reality, it was not sustainable for me as I’d been directly effected by Louisiana’s Stay Home Mandate.

Knowing I had access to these masks, and people all over the US needing them, I decided to go public. I shared the option to purchase disposable mask via my website, www.thebellesociety,com/shop for regular anyone not deemed “essential”. This was right around the time that the president advised all Americans to wear face masks. In addition, I also offered KN95 masks for purchase to “Essential Employees” ONLY. To protect the KN95 masks from hoarders, I requested direct email request with proof of “Essential Employment” to access the masks privately.

I received over 3k emails that day which completely BLEW my mind! I quickly realized that this shortage was well beyond an optional need, but a required one. So my mind went into overdrive! How can I do more? How can I make this sustainable? How can I help everyone protect themselves?

And like that, “The Mask On Project” was born. I’m so proud of this program and what led to it’s evolution. Not only did I solve the problem of not being able to sustain the free masks, but I was able to figure out a way to streamline the request process as well!

Under THE MASK ON PROJECT, I’m now able to donate (2) masks per order of KN95 masks. Since there technically is NOT a shortage of these FDA approved alternates to the Medical Grade N95 mask, I’m able to offer them to anyone with a priority to those deemed “Essential”.

“Essential Medical” Employees can fill out a request form for donations. This is how I am able to get the masks directly to those who NEED them most. No red tape. No hassle. No Cost.

So far, I’ve been able to help hundreds of medical professionals and “other” ESSENTIAL Employees secure KN95 masks, which protect against the corona virus.

If you’re interested in supporting this amazing cause, purchase your masks via the link below. Be sure to share with your friends and family so they can protect others and themselves as well.

Visit www.thebellesociety.com/kn95 or Click HERE

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