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How my twin pregnancy reminded me that I am SUPERMOM!

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding, demanding, stressful, joyous, and life altering jobs a woman can have.

12 years ago, my life changed when I gave birth to my son. My first born was unplanned and unexpected and came at a time in my life where I didn’t know if I was ready. I was a college student and part time bank employee building my future one day at a time. Thankfully, I was and always have been a very mature and responsible person, so I knew in my heart that things would be okay.

I remember the day I delivered my son, it was the first day of my junior semester in college. Coincidentally due to Hurricane Katrina, my college at the time, The University of New Orleans, had begun offering online classes for displaced students. This was such a blessing because I knew that I would be able to continue classes without the pressure of having to be present in person. Unfortunately, the first day of class was the day I delivered my son so the pressure still existed. I remember sitting in the hospital bed the evening of my delivery signing in to my classes. I was required to sign in and complete Day 1 assignments for all 4 classes, this was the first time I realized I possessed motherly superpowers.

What’s Motherly Superpowers?

Motherly superpowers are those powers or characteristics that come to life in moments of pure determination. As a mom, you are not just faced with the physical struggles of pregnancy, you are also faced with the mental struggles of always making the impossible, POSSIBLE!

The past 12 years, my son has been my motivation for every single accomplishment I’ve obtained. He has been the driving force behind me completing my Marketing Degree, Working ten years in Corporate Banking, Launching my own Wedding Photography business, becoming a full time entrepreneur, and finally putting my health first!

The news of my twin pregnancy earlier this year came at one of the craziest times in my life. I’d just launched The Belle Society, about to expand my photography business, planning to write a book, and launched my fitness belts, to name a few. Let’s just say, 2019 was supposed to be full of accomplishing goals well beyond my wildest dreams! In this case, God had other plans, because the first trimester of my pregnancy was HARD! It literally knocked me off my feet in one swoop!! I was on involuntary bed rest, couldn’t get out of the bed, couldn’t do anything for myself, couldn’t even think, because my body was working so hard to give my babies everything they needed. I was literally in zombie mode for roughly 3 months and did not think the pregnancy would be successful.

Speaking Power Into Ourselves

Around the 9 week mark of my twin pregnancy, I had an epiphany! I was so sick of feeling hopeless and unlike myself that I woke up one day and told myself ENOUGH was ENOUGH! In addition to praying for strength, I spoke powerful words of affirmation to myself. I reminded myself of all the things I never thought I could do and how I DID them! I got my notebook and started writing positive letters to myself in an attempt to empower through words.

You see, we have to be careful with the words we speak. If we speak failure into our lives, it’s highly likely that we will experience it. I was not built this way! I was not built to allow tough times or unplanned bumps in the road to deter me from my blessings. It was my faith and willpower to not give up that led me to allowing my mind to fuel my strength.

While there have been quite a few ups and downs during the course of this pregnancy, the most important factor remains… THE TWINS ARE HEALTHY and so am I!!!

It took for me to get to my third and final trimester to fully begin enjoying every single second of this journey. Ironically, most twin moms say the third trimester is the hardest, I beg to differ. I finally feel like myself! I finally have regular energy to complete daily task, I finally feel like a SUPERMOM again!

So to all my moms, remember, if you are facing trials in your life or tough times, activate those superpowers you possess. Loving my SUPERMOM tee from Supermom Culture, talk about empowering! Join the supermom culture and order yours today!! See below for my top 5 Supermom Tips!

Top 5 Supermom Tips

  1. Pray– As a woman of faith, prayer is always at the top of my list not only in motherhood, but life itself. When times get hard, prayer works! Thank God for what has been done, being done, and will be done, a grateful heart is a blessed one.
  2. Take things one day at at time– I can’t emphasis this enough! We sometimes want to fix the problem overnight, but it’s not always a quick fix solution. Take your time and know that what’s happening is not the end of the world.
  3. Speak Positivity into YOURSELF!– Are you saying talk to myself sis? YES!! I’m saying tell yourself everything you need to hear to spark that determination fire! When you activate the power of words and don’t seek it from others, you have already won the race! It’s imperative that you be your biggest cheerleader. There will be times where you’ll have to trust your own gut, your own decisions, your own strategies… This can’t happen if you seek approval from others! The only approval you need is from SELF! You are SUPERMOM and you know in your heart what’s best.
  4. Enjoy a few ugly cries– Yes, I said it! CRY, CRY, CRY and CRY some more! Tears don’t indicate weakness, they indicate a passion! We only cry about things we truly care about which makes crying a necessary action in the pursuit of finding a resolution. Be careful though, this is not an opportunity to pity yourself, rather an opportunity to empower!
  5. Never Give UP!– No matter how hard things seem, there’s someone somewhere facing a much worse challenge. I always tell myself that giving up is the only true failure when things go wrong. Life happens, things go wrong, but it’s how you handle/manage them that matters. Remember, as a mom, it’s not just about you anymore so giving up is simply not an option. PERIOD.

What are your thoughts?

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