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2019 Prevailing Woman Conference

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First and foremost, I have to thank Sabrina Seymore, the founder of The Prevailing Woman, for creating this conference. While there are an abundance of women’s empowerment events floating around the Nation, this was a place full of #blackgirlmagic on a whole different level!

On August 9, 2019, I traveled to Durham, NC to speak at the 2019 Prevailing Woman conference. This was my first public speaking event since conceiving the twins so I was excited to get out and be social again. Returning for it’s second year, The Prevailing Woman Conference is a subsidiary of it’s parent, The Prevailing Woman Magazine. The organization as a whole is a multi-generational media outlet that promotes the professional and personal achievements of women on both national and global platforms. So having other speakers like the Key-Note Letoya Luckett-Walker, Media Maven Renae Bluitt, Style Content Sensation Majesty Acheampong, and Ezinne Kwubiri, H&M Head of Inclusion Manager, was no surprise.

The conference kicked off with a fabulous co-ed launch party hosted by Courvoisier! It was epic! There were specialty drinks, a mobile photo booth, tasty treats, great music, and most of all, a room full of prevailing women eager to network and have a great time!

Sabrina Seymore & Cierra Johnson-Hicks aka TheChicandSavvyBelle at The 2019 Prevailing Woman Conference Kick Off Party

Kick off party photos by

I met so many amazing women this night! But one that stood out was Trina Small of HEY TRINA Mom and Fashion Blogger! We instantly connected and poured into each other so much that we’ve genuinely remained in touch since. Hey Girl!!!

Cierra Johnson-Hicks aka TheChicandSavvyBelle with Trina of HeyTrina.com

Conference Day 1

Day one of the conference started bright and early! The day started with a mix and mingle breakfast during registration. There were delicious pastries, juices, and coffee, just what the doctor ordered after the kick-off party turn-up the night before, lol! The event space was beautifully decorated and lined with amazing vendors wall to wall. In the center of the room, the main stage was beautifully decorated by Keairachantelle Events. The conference kicked off with a much needed morning meditation led by Kelsey Hargrove! She taught us how to let go of energies that were putting weight on our shoulders. She spoke energetic words into our minds and bodies, so that our souls could receive the day’s purpose and message. This was an excellent way to get things started as it allowed everyone to have a mind open and ready to be inspired. Following the morning meditation was a welcome from its founder Sabrina Seymore and its first guest speakers Dee McDougal and Ezinne Kwubiri who lit the room on FIRE!

“I operate in excellence EVERY TIME!” – Dee McDougal

Operate in excellence every time became the mantra for the entire conference, because every single speaker, breakout session, and networking opportunity after was as such! Especially the exclusive screening of She Did That Film presented by speaker Renee Bluitt! Listen!!!! If you are looking to be empowered as a woman, as a woman with a dream/vision, do yourself a favor and download this documentary TODAY! I promise if you don’t leave your screen inspired, then you are just not human, lol.


The Evening concluded with Alena Smith author of Trust Your Strength, Rikka B. of Mom Redefined, and I leading the “Mind, Body, and Soul” Business panel. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the ladies and sharing a few tips for living a prosperous life through being mentally and physically prepared. My co-panelist dropped some major gems as well and I’m just so happy to have met them!

Alena Smith Author of Trust Your Strength, Cierra Johnson-Hicks, and Rikka B. Founder of MomRedefined

Conference Images by: Isis Nishae Photography

Conference Day 2

The second day of the conference started with an interactive brunch hosted by The Brunchnista Michelle Sprott! The brunch was everything! The food was delicious and VIP guest were pampered with unlimited mimosas and chair massages! I mean, can it get any better than that?! You’d think my answer would be NO!, but in fact it’s YES!!!

Concluding brunch was a “you had to be there” address from our Key Note Speaker, Letoya Luckett-Walker! When I tell you sis came in and shut the room down!! Letoya talked to us about facing fears, knowing self, and knowing that you are GOOD ENOUGH! Her address was so good that it felt like it was just you and her hanging out with a glass of wine, having good ole’ girl talk. Hands down, one of the best empowerment speeches I’ve ever heard!

Following her speech, VIP guest, sponsors, and speakers were allowed to quickly chat and take photos with her. Sidebar, if you attend next year’s event, make sure you go VIP, lol.

Letoya Luckett-Walker with Cierra Johnson-Hicks aka TheChicandSavvyBelle

So, here’s the tea! Don’t suffer from a case of FOMO next year when this conference returns! I promise you won’t want to miss out! Secondly, I’ve prepared a few tips for maximizing your ROI (return on investment) when attending any type of empowerment event. See below:

PLAN TO ATTEND 2-4 EMPOWERMENT EVENTS PER YEAR– I like to plan my year at a glance based on quarters. One of my business strategies is to refine and refocus on a quarterly basis when possible. As an entrepreneur, we face many hardships daily so being refueled with positive enforcement at least twice a year, keeps you inspired and focused.

KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES– We all have them, it’s what makes us human. So when planning to attend an empowerment event, know what it is you need as a take-a-way. This is going to help you decide on which breakout sessions (if any) are right for your growth. In addition, your strengths are what you have to offer when networking with others during the conference period. Get empowered, but also be willing to empower as well.

BUSINESS CARDS + ELEVATOR PITCH– Have your business cards READY! This can be a digital or printed version, but when you meet someone, provide them with your card! Make it a goal to hand out at least 10-20 cards per day of the event. In addition, have your elevator pitch ready! In networking environments, you usually have a person’s attention for about 45-60 seconds before they lose interest. Make it count!

RESEARCH THE SPEAKERS- This is HUGE!!! While the key-note may have gotten your attention, know that every other speaker was chosen for a reason as well. Take some time to learn more about each person so you have an idea of who may be able to personally inspire you further in your path.

BE SOCIAL– I can’t stress this enough! Be social!! This could be in person or on social media. Gone are the days where introverts have to force themselves to be noticed when social environments make them uncomfortable… Use social media to your advantage!! Record excerpts of speakers, tag them, the conference, and conference hashtag for possible online networking exposure. Everyone is looking for content during conferences, speakers like to see that they impacted someone during their address, the conference host wants to see engagement, this is your chance!! TAKE ADVANTAGE! Do not underestimate the power of a repost, PERIOD.

FOLLOW UP– This is the most important tip I can give. If you made genuine connections, start with those individuals first. Send them a nice followup message within 7 days of the event. The sooner the better! For those who you met, but didn’t really have a chance to form anything special at that moment, create an email template that can be sent as a mass communication. Of course BCC other recipients, lol. In the email, remind them of where you met and reintroduce yourself. Keep it simple by saying you enjoyed meeting them and send them well wishes in their business. You’d be surprised how far something like this can go.

NOTE: When you attend an empowerment event, it’s an investment in SELF! What you feel you need out of that experience is 100% unique to you. Just know that for a true ROI on your investment into yourself, you need to be fully aware of your WHY. Why are you attending? What are you looking to gain? How will you apply the lessons you learn? These are all questions you need to ask yourself, before you purchase that ticket. The worse thing you can do, is attend an empowerment event for the wrong reasons. It will leave you full of disappointment and regret that may cause you to miss the entire purpose of you being there…

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my recap of The Prevailing Woman Conference and I hope my above tips help you in your business. I’d love to hear from you, what are some of your conference tips? What do you expect to receive when attending empowerment events? Let’s chat!

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