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Motivation Is An Inside Job: Five Tips To Get Motivated in 2019!

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A businesswoman once posted a picture of herself on social media that forever altered the way she saw her body.  In this picture, she was sporting a revealing swimsuit on a beach while smiling merrily as she embraced her weighty curves.  Under the picture, she typed in the caption that she never had a problem with her weight until after posting that picture on social media.  She stated that none of her followers had body-shamed her or made her feel unattractive – she just simply never looked at her body with a keen eye before posting that picture.  And on the day she posted that picture, something hit her…..it was like she had an outer body experience and was staring at a person who resembled her, but wasn’t her.  It suddenly became clear that her weight was out of control, and this revelation had nothing to do with the way society viewed her, but everything to do with self.  From that day forward, she became her biggest cheerleader and eating healthy and the gym were her teammates.  And whenever she gets tired or feels she can’t go any longer, she simply opens her phone, hits the Instagram app, and locates that picture – her motivation…..then an extra sit up doesn’t seem that bad after all.

What’s the one thing you can’t stop thinking about that gets your adrenaline going?  What makes your stomach flutter or wakes you up in the morning or keeps you awake at night?  What pushes you to cross the finish line even when you don’t have an ounce of energy left?  Whether it’s a picture, a person, an item you’re looking to acquire, or a personal goal – that’s your reason…that’s your motivation to complete whatever task you’ve set out to conquer.

When we think of motivation or the reasons people work hard towards their goals, we often think of massive things such as a windfall of money, a luxurious lifestyle, or being able to fit into society’s beauty standards.  But what we tend to overlook is the fact that motivation is more effective when it starts within ourselves.  And while it’s perfectly fine to want the finer things in life, self-love should be our biggest motivator…..and everything else should fall in line after that.

When you complete goals to fulfill yourself, it makes the success you reap that much more sweet.  Society or your peers will never be satisfied or agree with all of the choices you make, so quit wasting your time trying to please the world and concentrate on pleasing yourself.  And just in case you find it hard to stay motivated on this self-journey, we’ve got you covered!  Below are 5 tips you can use to stay motivated throughout 2019!

5 Motivation Tips for 2019!

  1. Discover Your Why – Stop looking outside of yourself for your reasons.  Go within and discover why you want what you want.  Once you get a clear picture on your why, your goal will become easier to accomplish.
  2. Write Your Goals Down – Write the things you want to accomplish down.  Writing your goals out on paper and reading them repeatedly automatically transfers that information to your subconscious which in turn pushes you towards success.  Revisit your goals often to make sure you are on task.  If you must rewrite or revise your goals so that they stay fresh, do so.
  3. Ingest Positive Messages – When you’re feeling a little weary from goal-chasing, watch some motivational videos or read some positive messages that speak to your situation.  Hearing a success story from another individual is always encouraging and inspiring.
  4. Meditate – Spend some alone time with yourself to listen to your inner thoughts and to refocus on your goals.  Quieting your mind for even a few minutes a day renews your strength and keeps you spiritually aligned with your purpose.
  5. Celebrate the Small Wins – Life is like football, every few yards you gain puts you closer to a touchdown. So pat yourself on the back when you complete the smallest milestone.  Soon enough, those milestones will add up and before you know it your goal will be accomplished!

Remember that you are your number one supporter.  The power to succeed is in you….allow yourself to be your motivation!

Picture Credit: http://www.blackgirlinom.com/publication-articles/2016/6/six-reasons-black-women-should-practice-yoga

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– Samjah Iman

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